What a challenging subject we were prompted to photograph this week:  mischief.  I kept thinking back to photos that conveyed mischief to me, and it seemed they all happened naturally (a devilish look captured on a child’s face, or a puppy getting into something it shouldn’t).  Before I knew it, the week was almost up and I needed something to photograph.   Having no immediate access to a puppy or child, I turned to something childish – my old toy box that my niece and nephew bring out everytime they visit.  As I poured through the box of old favorites, I began to see a trend.  And so my inspiration was born.

There’s one in every group.

In the Rescue Rangers, it was Dale:

1/30  f4  50mm  ISO800  A

For the McDonald’s Fry Guys, this blue dude:

1/80  f2.8  50mm  ISO800  A

Waldo was always disguised and hiding IN a group:

1/100  f2.8  50mm  ISO800  A

These McDonald’s Transformer Fries are no doubt up to something:

1/50  f3.2  50mm  ISO800  A

And from what I can remember, Red was the wild and crazy Fraggle:

1/50  f3.2  50mm  ISO800  A

Yes, there’s one in every group.  I chose a shallow depth of field in most of the pictures to pull your attention to the mischievous one in the group.  I like the choice, since the photos are taken in character “families” you can deduce who/what the others in the background are .. if you are familiar with 80’s nostalgia that is.