1/125  f4.2  62mm  ISO100  A

Wanting to take advantage of the sunny weather – and use some free passes – Tom and I visited the Pittsburgh Zoo over the weekend.  It’s located in the outskirts of the city, so at certain spots you see this interesting contrast of city and wildlife.

1/320  f6.3  98mm  ISO100  A

But a majority of the animals don’t get to enjoy the city scenery, and have a much more typical view for a zoo.

1/1000  f4  55mm  ISO100  EV-2  A

This was the first zoo visit for my 55-200mm lens .  With a telephoto lens, getting great photos of the animals is almost effortless.  And a ton of fun.  Here are some favorites from the excursion.

1/320  f6.3  200mm  ISO100

1/250  f6.3  92mm  ISO100  A

1/400  f6.3  200mm  ISO100  A

1/160  f6.3  190mm  ISO100  A

1/320  f5.6  200mm  ISO100  A

1/400  f5.6  200mm  ISO100  A