Earlier this month, my friend Michelle (aka The Brown Eyed Baker) asked if I’d mind shooting a few photos of her baking in the kitchen.  An afternoon spent hanging out in the comforts of home, laughing and talking over the delicious aroma of the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve tasted?  No problem!

I brought along my f1.8 50mm lens.  This pulled a tighter frame in some shots, but I needed that extra aperture since, after playing with many different angles, I determined my favorite backdrop to be the kitchen windows (perhaps due to my recent Giada kick?).  So my main source of light was usually behind my subject’s face.  As you’ll see though, Michelle photographs beautifully no matter where she is.  And equally impressive is her multitasking skills, as she was able to whip up a delicious treat, carry on a conversation, and look good while doing so!

I’ll share a few of my favorites below.  And just to throw this out there Michelle, if we missed something and you need a reshoot, I’m game.  You could maybe make your brownies … or cupcakes …  chocolate candies …  Do you see where my sweet tooth is going with this?  😉

1/320  f1.8  5omm  ISO800  A

1/160  f1.8  50mm  ISO800  A

1/320  f1.8  50mm  ISO800  A

1/500  f1.8  50mm  ISO800 A

1/60  f1.8  50mm  ISO800  A

1/100  f1.8  50mm  ISO800  A

1/250  f1.8  50mm  ISO800  A

1/125  f1.8  50mm  ISO800  A