52 random subjects.

52 photos.

52 weeks.

I’m happy to report that I’ve successfully met the challenge to photograph a pre-defined subject, once a week over the course of a year!

Challenge is indeed the proper term for this project.  Some weeks it was difficult to fit time into my schedule for photography.  Some subjects left me scratching my head wondering what in the world I’d photograph.

It was the commitment to this project that gave me the extra push to find the time, and think creatively, for something interesting (or at least satisfactory) to photograph.  The motivation in our flicker group really helped me along too – what an awesome bunch of photographers!  Thanks a million to Brooke (aka shutterboo) for broadening my horizons and introducing me to this project.

So what’s next for me in 2012?  I’ll be taking a break from blogging and photo challenges to start.  Instead, I registered for a Photoshop class at a local art school.  The geek in me is excited to finally learn the software package, while the creative in me can’t wait to see how it will complement my photography.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments and motivation throughout this past year.  I wish you a happy 2012, full of many photo-worthy moments!